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The NO BS Workshop

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An immersive, interactive weekend to help you sort out your shit, get unstuck, and move forward.

A weekend to create your next level of possibility.

Day One


We'll explore what’s keeping you stuck and where there might be more opportunities than you thought possible.

Day Two

Get Clear

Together we'll identify what's most important to you and how to align every decision to that touchstone.

Day Three

Move Forward

You will create action plans to use immediately and to sustain your transformation once the workshop is over.

Hear what No BS participants have to say:

"I came away from the workshop realizing that I’m the only one stopping me from reaching my potential. That I’m keeping myself stuck and that I have control, the ability, to make different choices.”

“The workshop was intimate and unique and no B.S.!”

"I was nervous about meeting new people but the energy of the group that Anne put together made all the difference. The group was open, welcoming, and comfortable.”

"Being fully immersed in the workshop and out of my normal situation was so powerful."

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This intimate event happens only once a year.

Space is limited!

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